Group History
  • 2018

    Langze Decoration Group moved to Longhua Xinghe WORLD Grade A office building.

  • 2014

    The Langze Decoration Group was formally established in Shenzhen, strengthening the overall level of the design and construction team, and proposing the Group's “three from four to four” service concept. “Strict, precise, fast, customer-oriented, letter Survival, people-oriented, and seeking perfection."

  • 2012

    The Langze design team was established and began the integration of design and construction services.

  • 2010

    Mr. Liu Cunxiao, the founder of Langze, started his business and established the Langze Decoration Construction Team, focusing on the decoration of bars, KTVs, nightclubs and other entertainment venues.

  • 2006

    Mr. Liu Cunxiao, the founder of Langze, joined the Guangtian Group and began to focus on the construction management and design of entertainment venues such as bars, KTVs and nightclubs.
    During the period, the chain brands include: “Passion Baidu Bar, Soho Bar, 88 Bar, Tiandi Club, Today’s Liangyuan KTV”.