.Construction unitLangze Group




.Completion Time2018.07


Thailand, a country with a strong cultural identity, is a world-famous tourist destination. Thailand has a lot of local specialties. Based on the customer's appeal, the designer tried to create a new entertainment space. However, because the local area is a tourist area, consumers are mostly foreign tourists. In order to cater to consumers' pursuit of Thai characteristics, MINA Bar caters to the international trend while retaining local characteristics.

The designer tried to combine the tough industrial style with the glamorous Thai style. The MINA bar perfectly explains this design concept. The vestibule uses a large exposed stone facade and modern elements, combined with enchanting lighting to create a unique and understated atmosphere in Thailand. The lobby is functional, cool and wild, guiding the guests to release their inner passion. The use of simple structural elements in the room creates a flow of light and shadow and space through repetition, sequence, and turning. It also stimulates the senses and injects the sense of space that escapes reality.