Xiamen Galaxy Bar

.Construction unitLangze Group


.LocationXiamen, China


.Completion Time2018年06月

Xiamen Galaxy Bar

Xiamen Yinhe Bar is located in Xiamen City, Fujian Province, China. The design unit is under the responsibility of Shenzhen Langze Decoration Group Co., Ltd., with a total area of 2000m2, completion time: 2011.06, Galaxy Bar's overall style Science Fiction (SCIENCE FICTION).

In the vast universe of Marvel, the Iron Man, who is "the body of the human being, the shoulders of the gods" has long been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Every Marvel has a long-lasting feeling in the fans. If you can get in touch with Iron Man, how exciting it is.

The Xiamen Yinhe Bar is built with the shape elements of Iron Man, and it radiates a steel hero style from the inside out, and the gas field is fully open, which is very powerful. With a display that reverses the city, the sci-fi is full of emotions, making people feel like they are in the movies. Use technology to increase the sense of interaction and let consumers feel the charm of science fiction. The fusion of entertainment and technology, subverting tradition and bringing a different entertainment experience.