Nepalese Bar

.Construction unitLangze Group

.LocationNepal Kathmandu



.Completion Time2018.12.18

Nepalese Bar

The project is located in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. It is a key project for the company to explore overseas markets this year. In December 2018, the company organized a team to visit Nepal. The local tourism industry was developed and the residents' lives were leisurely and comfortable, but there were few modern entertainment venues. The customer's request is to create an entertainment space that is in line with international standards. The designer designs in a modern LOFT style based on the local environment. According to the trend, the rough style of metal, simple soft clothing highlights its modern style. Elegant and simple lighting adds to the style. The streamlined lights reveal a hint of laziness and match the local leisurely atmosphere. Breaking the local traditional style, but not obvious, giving people a leisurely entertainment upgrade experience.