Guizhou Tongren Bar

.Completion Time2019.08.05

.Construction unitDesign unit / construction unit: Shenzhen Langze Decoration Group Co., Ltd.

.CaseTongren, Guizhou, ba

.LocationTongren City, Guizhou Province, China


Guizhou Tongren Bar

Technology has given the different charms of this era and the freedom of this era. In science fiction movies, whoever has the highest technology has the world. Creative Electro Dance house is designed with technology in mind to create a world where people can break free and enjoy freedom. The lobby is built with a simple industrial style. The stone facade is matched with the light, and the light and shadow are added to make the layering of the space more distinct. Combine it with a simple, low-luxury Nordic-style soft outfit to make the space more quality. The design of the hall is based on the science and technology warehouse in the science fiction film, which is combined with the large screen and technical mechanical structure. Together with the lighting, people are brought into the sci-fi space and travel to the free world. The private rooms are built with different elements, but they also reveal low-key luxury. A space is not high-grade, and the bathroom is the best. The lines of the array are spread from top to bottom, and then made of metal steel, which makes the space full of momentum and luxury.
The entire use of gold and steel materials, with a very line-like but different shapes throughout the space, is committed to creating a gorgeous and elegant, extraordinary space experience. Simplicity and avant-garde, the most important thing is that its style of gestures highlights the theme of the times: maintaining a keen sense of modern lifestyle, and upholding the relentless pursuit of quality life.