.Completion Time2019.06.06

.Construction unitDesign / decoration unit: Shenzhen Langze Decoration Group Co., Ltd.

.CaseQingdao Monica Club

.LocationQingdao, Shandong, China



Monica Club is built with the concept of “young, trendy, industrial, and technological”. Qingdao people are open-minded, bold and unconstrained. The industrial style is simple, stylish and open. The perfect combination of the two creates a unique entertainment space.
The designer creates a pure sense of industrial style with bare stone facades and simple geometric figures. In order to make the overall space more individual, the shape adds a corner of technology, which also makes the bar more powerful. Ceilings, walls and columns use a large number of LED displays to increase interaction with customers and give customers a sense of space.
The Monica bar is in full swing. If the design of the bar is to test the designer's ability to control the trend of the bar industry, then the presentation of the bar is to test the experience of the decoration team. The Langze decoration team has more than 10 years of experience in bar decoration and has a complete project management system to ensure environmentally friendly construction and safe construction. The Langze decoration team strictly follows the guidelines of “strictness, truth, precision, speed, and precision”. With more exquisite craftsmanship, more standardized management, better quality and better service, it will bring customers a beautiful decoration experience!