Dongguan Space Time Bar

.Completion Time2019.04.02

.Construction unitDesign Unit: Shenzhen Langze Decoration Group Co., Ltd.

.CaseDongguan Space Time Bar

.LocationDongguan City, Guangdong Province, China


Dongguan Space Time Bar

With the theme of science fiction, Dongguan Space-Time Bar creates a base like a space-time control center. In appearance, it combines science and technology elements with LED screens to create an atmosphere of sci-fi space. The front hall is built in the form of a science and technology warehouse, and the aisle adds graphic structure and lines on the basis of science and technology elements. The staggered distribution of graphics and lines is like a dense passage, which adds some mystery to the space. The lobby uses a lot of technological elements to create an atmosphere of science fiction time and space. The sense of technology lines and the enclosing LED screen strengthen the interaction between people and space, making people have a sense of space and can be quickly integrated into the atmosphere.