"May 1" Labor Day, the company organized "Lushan" tourism


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"May 1" Labor Day, in order to enhance the team awareness of the company's employees, let employees relax and enjoy the pleasant scenery of nature, the company specially organized an outdoor tourism activity in Jiangxi Lushan.

The event not only enriched the staff's spare time, enhanced communication and collaboration between the departments, but also made the Langze Group a more harmonious family, thus better enhancing the cohesiveness of the company and fully demonstrating the team spirit of the company. Everyone is devoted to the future work with a higher enthusiasm. During the tour, everyone strictly abides by the tour guide arrangement, travels to the island, swims on the water, and collectively barbecues. Everyone is extraordinarily relaxed, and they can feel the company from all aspects. Welfare, bring great joy to everyone!


Going by car together


 "hanfankou" photo


Take a ride on the yacht to see the scenery of the West Sea


 Kayaking on the island

 Looking at the "Lushan" Waterfall