2019 "Langze Group" annual meeting on-site sharing


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In 2018, it was a year of steady development of the Langze Group. Many projects were successfully carried out, like the luxuriant trees, rooted in all parts of the country. Behind this prosperity, there are busy figures of the Langze family. Hard work, hereby in the coming of the 2019 Chinese New Year, the company held an annual event with the theme of “Lang Lang Qiang, Moize the Sky”, and everyone gathered to celebrate this moment of great joy.


                                                                                         Annual meeting theme


                                                              Mr. Liu, General Manager of Lanze Group, delivered a speech


                                                        Review of the 2018 project case by Mr. Zhang of Langze Group


                                                                                   Annual meeting dinner toast


                                                                        Award of Outstanding Employee Award


                                                                                  Annual Meeting Sweepstakes


                                                                            Group photo looking forward to the future