Happy news|Congratulations to the Langze Group for winning the "Green Dressing Conference" Award


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On September 26, 2019, the 6th China Building Decoration Industry Green Development Conference (“Green Dressing Conference”) was successfully held in Shanghai with the theme of “Technology Empowers Green, Green Casts Fine Products”. Entrepreneurs from the decoration industry across the country and industry elites gathered together to discuss new opportunities for green development. General Manager Liu of Langze Group was invited as a representative of the company to attend the event.
The Green Development Conference of China's Building Decoration Industry has been hailed as the vane of China's green building decoration industry, and has become the green brand event of the most large-scale and influential architectural decoration industry in China. The conference presented awards to outstanding brand enterprises in the green development of the building decoration industry. The Langze Group has won excellent reputation and market reputation with excellent product quality and ingenious service, and won the “Most Innovative Brand Organization” in 2018.
At the conference, Liu Xiaoyi, executive director of China Building Decoration Association, and Chen Li, president of Shanghai Decoration and Decoration Industry Association, delivered an important speech on the theme of “Technology empowers green, green casts quality”. The conference invited leading enterprises in the building and decoration industry, such as central enterprises, state-owned enterprises and private enterprises, to exclusively share and exchange ideas on green design, green project management, green construction technology, green technology innovation and green materials application for the iconic green boutique projects in the past two years. To bring more development and new ideas to the industry.
The Langze Group will continue to adhere to the values ​​of “passion, passion, professionalism and dedication”, from the previous design and selection, to the mid-term construction and accessories, to the later management and management. In each small link, the Langze Group With 100% professionalism and enthusiasm and dedication, we will create more high-quality, green, healthy, intelligent and safe quality projects.