ACG CLUB is highly recognized by our company and awarded the “Quality and Efficiency Engineering Award”


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ACG CLUB is located at No. 23 Xinmin Road, Wujiang District, Shaoguan City, Guangdong Province. At 2018.11, the Su He Bar management team found our company, inspected and reviewed our company's historical project cases, and recognized our company's strength and design philosophy. Both sides were in 2011.1.14. Sign the design and construction contract.
The bar design and construction unit is solely responsible for Shenzhen Langze Decoration Group Co., Ltd., 2018.12.13 Langze decoration personnel entering the construction, completion of 2019.1.26, the project takes 45 days, the whole project tracking of both parties, ACG CLUB to our company Highly recognized and awarded the “Quality and Efficiency Engineering Award” to the company.


Construction site 1


Construction site 2


Construction site 3


Construction site 4


Construction site 5


Construction site 6


Construction site 7


Construction site 8


Construction site 9


Construction site 10


Construction site 11


ACG CLUB highly recognizes our design and construction services and awards “Quality and Efficiency Engineering Award” to our company.