After Sale


I hope that you will never use our after-sales service, we will always be there if we need it.

The Langze Group can provide reliable and professional solutions in one working day at the earliest.

You can quickly contact our after-sales department by calling the warranty number (0755-21003098);

We can provide reliable and professional solutions in one business day at the earliest.

Warranty Policy:

(1) Obey the national “Construction Engineering Quality Management Regulations” and the project warranty period is 1 year.

(2) Unqualified warranty for the quality problems caused by improper construction of the company during the warranty period.

(3) In the event of damage or abnormal use caused by the customer during the warranty period, the company's warranty shall be charged at its discretion.

(4) Reasonable labor and material costs are charged for maintenance work beyond the warranty period or warranty.

In order to provide you with better after-sales service and protect your rights and interests, we welcome you to supervise our work.

Repair service telephone: 0755-21003098 Supervisory telephone: 15815552111

special service

  • Design modification

    The design services provided by the Langze Group are not limited to the number of revisions before the final draft; we guarantee that the designed works are satisfactory to Party A.

    During the contract period, if Party A needs to operate, it can make free design adjustments according to the requirements of Party A, including detailed construction drawings;

    At the same time, we will give priority to quotation and construction, and we need to charge reasonable labor and materials costs.

  • Soft upgrade

    There is no charge for this service. During the contract period, we provide a soft upgrade service. Soft dress is the body and soul of the whole night style, which can directly reflect the personality and temperament of the night field.

    Compared with the interior design, the soft design is more demanding. It requires more delicate layering and rhythm, and sometimes it can be done to the extreme.

  • Sharing resources

    It is said that if you want to make a big event, you must have a network of contacts and a support system for making big things.

    Sharing the resources of Lanze for 12 years, such as lighting, speakers, LED, furniture, air conditioning, fire, wine merchants, business management team and other resources.

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