Design Service

Committed to being a carrier of culture, targeting a broad audience,
Spread new ideas and entertainment culture, and guide customers with culture and trends.

Business Scope

Business Process

  • 01. Previous business stage

    Project docking: Communicate ideas with customers and understand customer needs
    Project Analysis: Professional designers analyze local markets, project positioning and investment estimates for clients
    Business negotiation: determine the design service content, time and quotation
    Signing contract: signing a design commission agreement

  • 02. Design phase

    Plan: plan a reasonable floor plan according to the business needs of Party A, and provide functions, moving lines, and data analysis.
    Concept plan: overall style positioning, space concept reference picture, main material, soft installation diagram
    Concept Confirmation: Party A Concept Feedback, Confirmation Concept
    Rendering scheme: rendering scheme, analysis and explanation

  • 03. Deepening the program stage

    On-site review: on-site size review
    Construction drawings: detailed plan drawings, electrical point maps, elevation maps, large sample nodes, etc.
    Handover of drawings: handover of construction drawings
    Material plan: main material, furniture, sanitary ware, lamps, hardware, lamps, etc.
    Technical disclosure: Before the construction comes into the field, the designer will go to the site to conduct on-site technical communication with all units. Construction process quality requirements,
    Service tracking and other document delivery, material document delivery contract: signing design entrustment agreement

  • 04 . Late service

    Determine the main material: the design unit cooperates with Party A and the construction unit to determine the main material sample, or provide suppliers.
    Effect control: technical problem handling during construction
    Soft loading solution: soft assembly design, site layout, and supplier
    Cooperate with acceptance: cooperate with Party A for acceptance

core advantages

  • Design idea

    The most forward-looking sound and light system design concept is different from the traditional single-level hard and soft design, which comprehensively expresses the dynamic aesthetics of sound and light, giving customers a full sense of experience.

  • Design style

    With a variety of design styles, the design team of the Langze Group often visits and study in bars around the world, exchanges and learns with internationally renowned design companies, walks in the international advanced level of nightclub decoration design, and innovates in design styles to lead the market.

  • Cultural concept

    The Langze Group has always been committed to being a carrier of culture, disseminating new ideas and entertainment cultures to a wide audience, and guiding customers with cultural content and trends. Fashion and fashion are all serving the culture. Fashion is directional, interesting space is created, style is emphasized, and customers are attracted and guided.

  • Brand guidance

    The Langze Group cooperates with many domestic first-line nightclub brands to adapt to local conditions and professionally target brands in different cultural fields to develop mature and complete solutions for customers. Cooperate with top domestic brand teams to provide customers with the most professional brand culture promotion consulting services

  • Rich experience

    We are not only a professional entertainment design company, we strive to be a customer's nightclub investment nanny, and use the group's years of experience in working with nightclubs to give customers the most professional situation analysis and solutions to reduce the investment risk of customers.

  • Quality assurance

    Each project is not only a project, but also the original heart, carefully do each work, and drive the brand with quality.