Construction service

Committed to being a carrier of culture, targeting a broad audience,
Spread new ideas and entertainment culture, and guide customers with culture and trends.

Business Scope

Enterprise strength

Customer-oriented, Reputation oriented, People oriented and Cooperation oriented.

Follow by strict standards, practicability, details, speed, and high quality.

The Langze Group is a professional contractor-level enterprise engaged in the construction and decoration of construction, and has the design and construction of various interior decoration projects for large-scale buildings.

In the field of entertainment and decoration industry, Langze Group has 13 years of experienced experience, relying on its strong marketing network and extensive market branches.

The projects undertaken by the Langze Group are spread all over the country and in the countries along the “Belt and Road”, and many famous entertainment venues in China have been completed.

Hundreds of decoration and design projects for various large and medium-sized entertainment venues such as bars, electronic party bars, KTV, night clubs, and hotels.

core advantages

  • Construction technology

    There are only a handful of decoration companies that can decorate the night market, and nowadays decoration companies that decorate the night scene abound, and Langze decoration has always been there. After 13 years of personnel screening, process improvement and construction management enhancement, quality and technology have become one of our highlights.

  • Timeline

    The progress is not said, not written; the progress is made and managed. In order to ensure that the progress of Langze will usually be held at least twice a week with the main package unit and other professional supporting units, the fastest record of the Langze decoration night has not been surpassed by the peers.

  • Cost control

    After years of accumulating the resources of various material suppliers in the country, Langze will collect and distribute the headquarters for each project in the country.